D C W Morley


Rydal School, St Andrews and Sussex Universities. B.Sc and D.Phil in optical physics.

Thinking I could never be an academic physicist because I did not understand quantum mechanics, I started working for a hydraulic accumulator manfacturer in a company some friends and I had started. A crash course in reality.

I was then employed by ICI plc in their corporate research laboratories, I worked mainly on plastics development, this phrase covering a surprisingly wide assemblage of chemical and physical techniques. So now I did not understand both quantum mechanics and valence theory, but I was becoming a much better experimenter - you should see the chemistry set....

Later I worked on manufacturing plant which required physics, chemistry and engineering. The downside was that if you didn't get it right the plant started losing money and you got your bottom kicked. It was much more fun and led me to the first of several trips to Russia.

Subsequently I worked at Cosworth Engineering and at BAE Systems plc on the design of submarine propulsion systems. More trips to Russia; also to India, Indonesia and Korea.

I was fascinated by physics from an early age; through circumstance, I have a good knowledge of chemistry and engineering; interdisciplinary projects interest me.

I am married to a Russian woman, speak good Russian and have numerous contacts in St Petersburg, Russia.

I live near Preston, Lancashire in the United Kingdom.


How animals, and particularly migrating birds, manage the navigation during their migrations.

After long consideration, I have suggested a partial explanation of the navigational process.

This proposed system is called the ALFIC method.

This explanation is still to be evaluated by the community of ornithologists.

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How changes of phase, such as sublimation, take place. I have never been wholly able to swallow conventional theory which seems to me to have a contrived mathematical basis. I have a qualitative, and beguiling, idea about phase changes but I cannot yet get the arithmetic to work sufficiently convincingly.

This is a problem I return to from time to time, hoping at each new attempt the mist will lift from my mental eyes.


Finally, I have a small specialised proofreading business which, in addition to conventional proofreading carries out the proofing of technical papers and most especially technical and scientific papers originally written in Russian.

We will also translate papers from Russian into English, but not the other way round.

We also make a specialism of checking existing calculations for the arithmetic and for the units making sure, for example, that American gallons are not being substituted for Imperial gallons and generally seeing to arithmetical probity.

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